10 Nutritional Powerhouse Foods You Should Definitely Be Eating

It is essential to perform exercises with loads to develop muscle mass. However, although exercise is effective, it is not enough to gain muscle. It is also advisable to adopt a diet adapted to mass gain. For this, it is advisable to increase its intake of protein and carbohydrates with low glycemic index but also …


How You Can Combine CrossFit With Olympic Weightlifting

CrossFit and weight lifting are two sports that combine the development of several abilities, including strength, mobility and endurance. CrossFit is becoming more and more known and appreciated by many athletes. And many of them are bodybuilders, attracted by the great variety offered by CrossFit, its intensity or even its mindset. Both CrossFit and Olympic …


Most Effective for Weight Loss: Strength, Aerobic or Combined?

The prestigious journal of applied physiology published a study this month that has received much attention. The researchers compared the effect of strength training, aerobics and a combination of the two on an overweight population. It should be noted that this is the largest and, in the eyes, highest quality study published on the subject …