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How Paleo Diet Can Go Wrong

Trying Paleo diet can yield some pretty remarkable results. Eating a diet comprised of meats and fish, loads of veggies, fruit, and then rounding it out with healthy fats like coconut oil and avocados can be your path toward a fitter, healthier, and better looking life. But, and you knew a ‘but‘ was coming, you can take Paleo down the wrong path and end up not seeing your desired results.

What is Paleo Diet?

The paleo diet is very popular these days. There are thousands of paleo recipes on the Internet, and paleo offerings are increasingly appearing on restaurant menus… or even in fully paleo-themed restaurants. But what exactly is the paleo diet? And is it good for your health?

Paleo diet aims to adopt the same diet as that of our ancestors in order to respect the physiological needs of the body and help it to function optimally. The paleo diet invite its followers to eat like our prehistoric ancestors, long before agriculture and animal husbandry were invented. This means eating plenty of fish, vegetables, fruit, lean meat, eggs and nuts. Dairy products, cereals, processed foods, coffee, alcohol, sugar and salt are forbidden.  It is a diet based on proteins, plants and oilseeds.

People who follow the Paleo diet generally experience a significant weight loss, a reduction in body fat and an increase in energy. Other benefits are often described by followers of the paleo diet: reduction of seasonal diseases, better digestion, improved complexion, etc. The benefits vary greatly depending on the person and their context.

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How Paleo Diet Can Go Wrong

1. Fruit and Too Much of It

Fruit, it’s delicious, succulent, sweet…and it has a lot of sugar. Just because fruit is Paleo does not mean you should sit down and finish off an entire watermelon. Moderate the fruit, will ya? And as a corollary, don’t drink fruit juices, it’s all the sugar but none of the fiber. Just eat a piece of fruit instead.

2. Getting Crazy with Nuts

Nuts are a good source for fat, and they can make a pretty convenient snack. But that innocent handful of almonds can pretty easily turn into sucking down a whole pound of nuts. No bueno. Don’t turn into a vacuum cleaner on the nut consumption.

3. Paleoizing Foods

A steak is just a steak, not a Paleo steak. A salad is salad, not Paleo salad. But if you find yourself chomping down on “Paleo cookies”, or your morning meals are a lot of “Paleo pancakes”, or “Paleo muffins”, then you’re definitely bending the rules. You want your shopping cart to be loaded with meats and veggies, and not so much of almond flour and sugary dates.

4. Paleo Snack Bars

These are becoming quite popular. Their packaging has ‘Paleo’ emblazoned on them, but their ingredients usually include a lot of honey, dates, and nuts. If fat loss is a goal, be careful with these, and save them for a post workout recharge.


Okay, gang. I know you all love bacon, and I think I saw one poll about how Bacon is making a serious run at surpassing Judaism as a popular religion, but don’t live off the stuff. Bacon is cool and all, but think of it more as seasoning. It shouldn’t be your primary source of animal protein. (That’s doesn’t mean you can’t sport your favorite bacon shirt to the gym. Those are always welcomed.)

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