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How to Lose Weight From Your Thighs

When it comes to how to lose weight from your thighs, this is a question that has to do with spot reduction, or targeting a certain area of your body to work on and physically change. You can do this by altering two things, that is the exercises you are doing for your thigh area as well as what type of food you are consuming.

Before looking for exercises (or a diet) to know how to lose thighs, take a few minutes to understand the mechanism of your body. Indeed, the body of some women stores fat more easily in various areas such as thighs, buttocks or hips.

You should know that it is difficult to lose weight only on the thighs. So, whether you use a fitness application or follow a diet plan, you will have little chance of actually losing weight in your thighs. Don’t worry, however, you can adopt certain habits to achieve your goal and slim down your lower body.

Have good reflexes on a daily basis to lose weight on the thighs

In addition to regular exercise, there are a few things you can do on a daily basis to lose weight. Forget the elevator and climb the stairs, challenge yourself with the “30 days squat challenge” which consists of working your thighs and buttocks every night. At home, you can also set aside 20 minutes a day for targeted floor exercises. To build up the outer thighs, you lie on your hip and do a series of beats with the leg that is not on the ground. To firm up the inner thighs, perform the same movement with the leg that is on the ground, the other one being folded over.

When it comes to the exercises, a couple great exercises you can use to lose fat in your thighs are the machine

  • Leg press, which targets your quadriceps and hamstrings, two of the biggest muscle groups in your legs as well as your body in general.
  • Leg extensions – This machine targets the quadriceps as well and can be great for toning your thighs.
  • Walking Lunges – Doing walking lunges, with or without weight, can be great exercise to use to lose weight in your thighs and legs in general.
  • Leg Curls – This machine targets the hamstring complex as a whole and is great for building strong hamstrings which can be great for everyday activities as well as can contribute to eliminating fat in your thighs.
  • Adductor and Abductor Machines – This are also referred to as inner and outer thigh machines and they are virtually leg flies. They target the inner and outer thigh allowing you to do spot resistance training on your entire thigh area combined with the exercises mentioned above.
  • Tube Walking – This exercises provides a similar style of inner and outer thigh workout as the exercise machine above. Putting a resistance tube or band around your ankles and side walking can provide your inner and outer thighs with a great workout and doesn’t have to be done with any weight.

These exercises can great for slimming down your thighs but you don’t want to leave out your calf muscles, as you want to have good proportion to your legs. So when doing your leg workouts, make sure to throw in a few solid sets of calf raises.

The main thing to keep in mind with all of your leg toning exercises is to keep your repetitions on the high side, around 12-25, and keep the weight you are lifting on the lighter side. This rep and resistance range will keep you in the muscle endurance zone, which will keep you from adding muscle mass at a more drastic rate compared to lifting heavier with lower repetitions.

The more you provide your leg muscle with resistance training, you will create more muscle mass, which the more muscle mass you have in your legs the more fat you will burn around them.

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How To Lose Weight In Your Thighs With Nutrition

If you eat too many fatty and sugary foods, your body will gradually store fat reserves. To slim down your thighs, it is therefore necessary to have a balanced and varied diet. It is important not to skip meals. Make sure you eat foods rich in fiber (cereals, vegetables, fruits…), animal and vegetable proteins (white meat, eggs, lentils…) and essential fatty acids (fatty fish such as salmon, coconut or hazelnut oil, almonds, walnuts…), all in quantities determined by your daily needs and your physical activity.

Diets that are too strict should be avoided, since they are not good for your health and even less for your figure! And there is a risk of regaining weight quickly once the diet is stopped. Avoid as much as possible consuming alcohol, sweetened drinks such as sodas or industrial orange juice, pastries, sweets or processed products.

There are so many diets out there it can be really hard to find the right one for you. Not only this, diets can be dangerous especially if it is one that really keeps in you a low calorie count. You can lose fat in your legs by eating less than what you are eating now. What do we mean by eating less?

Avoid salt

A diet that is too salty promotes the storage of water and fat. To lose thighs and slim down your legs, you must therefore fight against water retention and adopt a balanced diet. First of all, choose a diet low in salt. Indeed, salt is the cause of water retention, especially in the thighs. Avoid sodium-rich foods and salt your dishes as little as possible.

Eat more protein

Prefer protein to starchy foods Proteins (eggs, poultry, lean meats, fish, but also soybeans, seaweed) help replace fat with muscle. And that’s good for losing weight thighs! Starchy foods (slow sugars, but sugars anyway) tend to be stored, especially when eaten in the evening. Eat them instead at lunch, and in moderation, in addition to a good portion of vegetables. In the evening, try to eat without any sugar.

Drink lots of water

To slim down your thighs, remember to drink at least 1.5 liters of water per day. You can also drink herbal teas or tea. By drinking frequently, you promote the drainage and elimination of toxins and you promote a detoxifying effect, mainly in the thighs. In addition, you eliminate the waste accumulated in your body and thus accelerate your weight loss.

You also want to introduce better foods into your body. Eating foods that are better for you, lean means and vitamin rich vegetables as well as nuts and fruits, can provide your body with the right amount of the essential nutrients it needs to function at its best. This will help your immune system as well as your metabolism function better, which will help you burn more calories as well as providing you with better vitality.

Apply slimming cream on thighs

A well applied and regular slimming cream can also help to smooth the skin and refine the thighs. You just have to remember these three gestures. Grab the thigh between your two hands (the thumbs are turned upwards and the rest of the hand surrounds the leg) and massage in a circular motion from the top of the leg to the back. Repeat this gesture from the knee to the groin. Then, grab a strip of skin, this time vertically, and massage it vigorously by pinching and “breaking” the skin. Finally, warm the skin with friction and tapping, always from the bottom to the top, until it becomes red.

The key to successful weight loss in your thighs as well as body fat reduction in general is to consume less calories than you are currently consuming and do it at a rate in which your body will be able to handle the changes introduced to it. Use moderation, nothing drastic. If you use this approach you will lose weight in your entire body.

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