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You Need To Get Out Of The Gap

I love the fact that we get to choose where we focus our attention and willpower each day. Will you choose to focus on things that make you happy or those that make you afraid?

Will you concentrate on all of the chances available to you, or will you concentrate on what is falling? You have control over your concentration and actions; but, many people live on the outskirts of these options.

As a result, they experience a wide range of positive and negative experiences. This is frequently due to their unwillingness to commit to either reality. They haven’t let go of their fear, nor have they truly embraced the possibilities that await them. This is happening on an individual level and a global level.

Draw a circle. In the center of this circle, draw two lines next to each other going from top to bottom. In the center of those two lines, write your name. On the left side of the divided circle write the words “fear and illusion”. On the right side of the circle, write the words, “success, truth, joy”. This is where we often stand in life–in a gap between two opposing realities or potentials. On good days, we are facing in the direction of the dreams of joy and abundance. On bad days, we face in the direction of the vision of fear, lack and illusion.

The great thing about this visual is that we can see where we stand and then make a choice. Have you FULLY committed to your dream or vision? If not, what is stopping you?

Beliefs that are buried deep in our unconscious might say things such as:

Don’t get your hopes up; dreams as big as this can never come true.
I’m so afraid to take the chance on the big dream because I might be let down and disappointed and I cannot bare that again.

So we remain in the gap or the border area (or the prison) that lies between the two.

Make the decision to go for it…to believe. Joy, health, and abundance are our natural state; consequently, we are always seeking to attain these states of being through our dreams and desires. The other factor working in our favor is that Life itself flows toward progress and joy. It is only when we allow fear to stop the flow that stagnation or drag happens. Allow the dream to happen. You can read more about emotional addiction and how to deal with it here.

Let it in.

Take the steps.

Operate from the place where the dream is already true. If you want to be a million dollar producer, act as and do the things that a million dollar producer would do. If you want to be a positive change agent in the world, get involved in some activities that can impact the world. Just begin. Of course, there are a whole new set of strategies needed now to become a big producer!

Now draw another circle. This time leave the circle whole without any dividers. Write your name in the center of the circle and surround your name with words that describe how you will feel as your dreams come true. Use words like joy, peace, contentment, satisfaction, elated, happy, grateful, respected and confident. Keep this picture in front of you to remind you of the choice you made and your full commitment to that choice.

It is your right to manifest your dream. You would not have the desire if it were not meant to happen. And to take it another step further, YOUR DREAM WANTS TO HAPPEN THROUGH YOU! The dream you have is part of the bigger plan as we rebuild, redesign and restructure our new economy. So, you see, everything is working in your favor! Make the decision to get out of the gap. Choose to live fully! Humanity is waiting for you to become a living example of a dream fully realized! Live your dream. Bring it in. Commit to it! It is your right to have it. Cheating yourself from your dream cheats us all!

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